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Common notion that arthritis affects only older people due to aging. Athritis may also occur to other ages also. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that may be caused by degeneration of joint tissues( old age or overweight), high deposits of uric acidin joint spaces(gout) or maybe from infection due to tuberculosis, typhoid fever, gonorrhea and syphilis. Also athritis may occur due to food allergy and sometimes, joint pain may indicate tumor growth on the joints.

Most common is rheumatoid arthritis. Shock, injury or prolong exposure to cold environment may trigger the type of this inflammation. The pain and stiffness starts in a single joint then gradually affecting the other joints in the area. It primarily affects the hands, finger, wrist, foot and knees. It may also affects the back and hips of the patient thus giving discomfort in movement.

The pain gradually increases until the patient cannot tolerate and affecting ones activities of daily living.

Symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis are:
1. Body fatigue
2. Powerlessness
3. Loss of appetite
4. Weight loss due to loss of appetite
5. Night sweats
6. Recurring low grade fever

Osteoarthritis is another type of arthritis. The disease changes the bone surface within the joint. This bone surface change is common in weight bearing joints like the hips, knees and spine.
Probably this bone surface change is cause by the wear and tear of the joints affecting in older people. Average onset of age with osteoarthritis is from 50-70 years old.

Symptoms for osteoarthritis are:
1. Pain on the joints.
2. Powerlessness
3. Loss of appetite
4. Feeling of depression
5. Immobility of the joint due to pain
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