Diabetes Kills!
9:59 PM | Author: comets

There are many complications in the body when a person will have a diabetes that is not treated or change owns lifestyle. Classic signs of having diabetes are:
1. Eating large amount of food yet the person loses weight.
2. Excessive drinking but feels very tired and weak. Feeling of extreme thirst.
3. Excessive urination.

Also, signs of blurring of vision, itching of skin, bed-wetting, wound heals very slow, feeling dizzy and fainting are common in diabetic patient.

US medical findings says that:
- 3 out of 4 of diabetic patient die of heart ailments
- 1 out of every 4 patient having dialysis are diabetic
-Diabetes is the number 1 cause of blindness

Gangrene is a very common complication of a patient with diabetes. Small wound can cause gangrene if that wound is not properly sanitize or just be ignored. Microorganism will fed on this wound because of high content of glucose thus proliferation will occur and wound will get worst until the affected part will lose its body function and to stop for further proliferation, amputation is needed.

Strict diet modification, adherance to prescribe medications and glucose reading should be done religiously.Alert your doctor for any abnormal changes on your blood glucose readings. Be cautious on what your body tells you and always take care of your health. Healthy living and lifestyle should be adapted to prevent the risk of complication or having the disease.